In short, point prose stylists would distinguish themselves from meanings 2 and 3 of the pleasant; Contract signatures should run a mile from them. How nice is in contracts? To get an idea, I turned to the SEC`s EDGAR system, as usual. The word “pleasant” is found in 1,898 contracts filed last year, making it a relatively daily use. Importance 3 transmits approval. It does not serve to give the requisite importance in the above excerpts, namely a legally binding agreement, so I refer to the agreement in writing. My only problem with Heidi`s report on Costner`s contract is that she says it`s pleasantly ambiguous. I do not think that is the case, because it is easy to find the intended meaning. On the contrary, the problem was that the treaty did not define how the parties should express their agreement. The source of the uncertainty was therefore not ambiguity, but the failure to be sufficiently specific.

(Chapter 6 of the MSCD examines the various sources of uncertainty; this March 2008 AdamsDrafting blog post is a first draft of this chapter. What is the “consensus” agreement? To find out, let`s start by looking pleasantly. CONSIDERant that representatives and lenders accept these requests, subject to the conditions and subject to the conditions provided for; and “I`ll have another whistle,” he announced with a pleasant note of excess. conditions due to the licensee [read that the licensee gives his consent in writing] in the office of the company or in another consensual place for the buyer and the assignor [read that the buyer and the cedingman accept in writing] It is welcomed everywhere because his manners are good and pleasant. As a result, many users consider the change to be much more acceptable and enjoyable. And here are some examples of pleasant used to convey the meaning 3, with my alternative formulation noted in parentheses: In a pleasant surprise beauty offered his hand to the majestic prince, and helped him to rise.