The agreement includes a special technical assistance grant that organises specialized training and workshops to develop skills and improve the competitiveness of these projects. The agreement provides that all participating countries would be represented on an equal footing. The main objective of this organization was to strengthen relations between Arab states and to actively participate in the coordination of their political plans and foreign policy, without compromising their independence, but by protecting by appropriate means in the event of aggression against a Member State and its sovereignty. To ensure everyone at Sportrock enjoys it, all participants must understand the inherent risks and responsibilities and agree to behave in a manner consistent with sportrock guidelines. The climbing agreement below confirms your understanding and your intention to follow these rules, so please take a moment to read the general rules of the sports skirt and watch a short video before concluding the deal. Parents should share the rules of the school and the video with their children. The Alexandria Protocol is an agreement signed on 7 October 1944 in Alexandria by five Arab countries and which accepted the formation of a common Arab organization which culminated the following year in the creation of the League of Arab States. The agreement, which is reproduced in its entirety, was known as the first Alexandria declaration of the religious leaders of the Holy Land and obliges faith leaders to use their religious and moral authority to work towards an end to the violence and the resumption of the peace process. Alexbank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed a $50 million loan agreement on Sunday to finance small and medium-sized projects. Download the “Alex Connects” City of Alexandria app for your Apple or Android device and easily file a complaint. “1. Are the negotiating and advertising provisions in Section 37 of the 25 March 1951 agreement between the World Health Organization and Egypt applicable if any of the parties to the agreement wish to transfer the regional office out of Egypt?” His eminence, Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar – His Grace, then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr.