The A35s document existing conditions and an energy baseline. GIAA and the selected bidder negotiate performance conditions based on the results of the audit. Construction/achievement/financing phase: according to the sat-isfactory results of the financial audit, ESCO must design, provide and install the improvements mentioned in the audit and accepted by the GIAA. ESCO will also support and/or fund recommended projects. Commissioning/Guarantee/Monitoring Phase: Once construction is completed, ESCO will offer a variety of services to ensure savings such as. B training of GIAA staff, monitoring of monitoring, measuring and verifying third parties, as well as maintenance and service of installed equipment. GIAA aims to enter into a contract with ESCO to provide perfor-mance contracting services for cost-saving measures. The selected offer first carries out a detailed energy audit of the financial stage of the main GIAA terminal, at ESCO costs. The audit identifies all possible options for energy savings, load management and renewable resources, with costs exceeding the duration of the contract. The test must document existing conditions and an energy baseline.

ESCO is required to write a written report on its results. At the end of the review, GIAA and the successful bidder negotiate the terms of the execution contract on the basis of audit findings, which may include the following volume of work to be done by the selected ESCO. GIAA reserves the right to reduce the volume of work or to work in phases. This list should not be exhaustive. Design, implement and install cost reductions identified in the audit and accepted by the GIAA. ESCO is responsible for quality control during the installation of all savings measures. ESCO verifies and verifies all work in progress to ensure compliance with the contract requirements. Providing repair and maintenance services for all equipment installed by ESCO during the duration of the contract. ESCO is responsible for the costs of periodic inspections, testing, adaptations and repairs required to establish and/or restore the performance and performance requirements set out in the contract. ESCO provides training and operating and maintenance manuals for giaA staff. Funding or assistance in financing all equipment and services provided on conditions, so the amount of payments made by GIAA depends on the measured energy savings. This means that GIAA`s total payments for utilities, fuel and the energy performance contract do not exceed the amount that GIAA would become firm for fuel without a performance contract.

Funding approaches must be in accordance with the Guam Act, including 12 G.C.A. . The duration of the service contract may not exceed 10 years. The contractual commitments of the parties for each year following the first are subject to the allocation and availability of resources. If no credit is available for a later fiscal year, the remaining term of the contract is terminated.