Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 overwhelmingly supported and voted in favour of a new contract between the union and the City of Hamilton. The new agreement was presented to union members on Monday and the vote took place today. “I am proud to announce that the Union has officially approved a four-year collective agreement with an 83% democratic vote for adoption,” ATU Local 107 said in a statement released late Friday. In a statement, ATU Local 107 President Eric Tuck said that members have officially approved a four-year collective agreement with 83 percent for it. The city and the union had already announced an interim agreement on December 18, but had not released details of the agreement. The union, which represents 800 bus drivers and mechanics of the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), says its members voted to ratify a new collective agreement on Friday night. Serving Hamilton Ontario Public Transit Needs Since 1899 If you know you want to book a car in the caravan, we`d love to get an idea of the numbers in advance. Please go to and inform us of your email address and the local union. If, for some reason, we need to move beyond our parking lots at City Hall and look for additional places to meet, we may need to contact some people to gather us nearby. If we do, we will try to keep the people of the Union-Indigenous together when possible We will not be able to guarantee that the unions can be parked in a predetermined order during the caravan or side by side at the drive-in.

The best chance you have to make sure is to enter the parking lot of City Hall at the same time and have a parking lot nearby. Today, Ontario`s Minister of Employment issued a statement commonly known as “no board.” The issue of this press release begins with the delays of a legal strike or lockout, which is authorized on the 17th day from the date of their issuance. This means that the parties will be in a legal strike/lock-out position on December 19, 2019 at 12:01 p.m.m. We hope to be there until noon. We want to leave until 14 .m. We can`t camp until the movies are there that night… I`m sorry to disappoint the smart people who have already planned this. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a lot with your members! (If you use Facebook, this is the best event link you can share: In the concession building, laundry facilities are available on site.

The Starlite allowed us to bring our own food to the event.