Azure Virtual WAN is a network service that provides optimized and automated branch connectivity via Azure. Virtual WAN allows customers to connect their branches to Azure and centralize their network and security requirements with virtual appliances such as firewalls and Azure network and security services. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure Automation`s DSC agent service. 1.5 Last Update: March 2017 Release Notes: Enhanced SLA by adding a 100% service credit guarantee when operating time falls below 95%, and excluding temporary hard drives from the requirement to have a premium memory on the single ALS instance. SLAs document the specific terms that define Azure performance standards, they define Microsoft`s commitment to an Azure service or an Azure product. Azure Container Registry is a free service, so it does not have an ALS with financial support. However, MEMORY ALS applies to the availability of the underlying memory. For more information, see SLA`s memory. This blog covers the theme 4.3 Azure Pricing and Support: Azure Service Level Agreements. For more information on the eligibility of Windows virtual desktop services, see the licensing conditions described here. Microsoft does not offer a financially guaranteed service level agreement. We strive to achieve at least 99.9% of the availability of Windows virtual desktop URLs.

The availability of virtual session computers in your subscription is covered by the SLA “Virtual Machines.” If you purchased a service from a reseller, you will receive a service credit directly from your dealer and the reseller will receive a service credit directly from us. The service credit is based on the estimated selling price of the service concerned, which we have set at our discretion. If one of the two services fails, the entire application fails. in general, the individual probability that both services will be cancelled is independent. However, the composite SLA value for this application is as follows: each SLAs is available for each Azure product and service and defines what happens when a service breaks down or the product does not meet the specified availability obligations. No ALS will be made available for posting and managing your Azure expenses, as this is a free service. We guarantee at least 99.9% of the availability of Azure backup and restoration functionality. The “assist window” refers to the period during which a service function or compatibility with a separate product or service is supported.

Availability for all Azure services is calculated on a monthly billing cycle. Click here to download SLA for most Microsoft Azure services. You can find the ALS for Active Directory here. SLA does not apply if the non-posting of expense data is due to issues related to cloud cross terminations, services outside Azure Cost Management, or customer changes in the Azure configuration. Here are the parameters Microsoft retains regarding Azure services: As a free service, AKS does not offer a financially supported service level agreement.