Bond and A4ID are teaming up to provide a webinar with the law firm Bates Wells on September 10, which will help NGOs understand their rights when negotiating grant reduction programs and contracts with DFID. The Webinar will focus on the following themes: The Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office uses these models and guides to assess, monitor or evaluate the activities and/or projects of implementing agencies as part of its policy programs (formerly known as the FCO`s “Strategic and Bilateral Programs” and “departmental programs”). These documents contain grant Agreement and Memoranda of Understanding Vorlagen. Following the Covid 19 crisis, the UK economy is expected to contract in the coming months and gross national income (GNI) is expected to decline, and the UK`s contribution to development aid for development assistance (ODA) is therefore expected to fall by 0.7%. Earlier this month, British Foreign Secretary Dominc Raab announced, as part of the ODA reduction process, a package of 2.9 billion pounds in cuts to UK aid spending by 2020. The UK government has reviewed all of its ODA programs and made decisions where they will reduce or delay programs. DFID said they had already begun contacting partners and suppliers to discuss reductions in existing subsidies and contracts. This webinar took place on Thursday, September 10. You can find recordings of our webinars in the resources section of our website. The meeting is being organized in partnership with Bates Wells and the A4ID Development Centre, the Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) for official development assistance, in support of projects and guidelines for the fiscal year from September 2020. Leticia Jennings and Samara Lawrence of Bates Wells will lead the session.

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