12.1 Google Cloud Data Protection Team. Google`s cloud data protection team can be contacted at support.google.com/cloud/contact/dpo (and/or in any other way that Google provides from time to time). Data transmission. Data centers are typically connected by high-speed private connections to enable secure and fast data transmission between data centers. The goal is to prevent data from being read, copied, modified or deleted without permission during electronic transmission, transport or storage on data media. Google transmits data via standard internet protocols. The data exporter acknowledges that its data is hosted in Google data centers by Google Inc. and/or one or more of its affiliates (all “Google”) (not by the data importer) and, therefore, most of the technical and organizational security measures relating to the data importer`s data (including paragraphs 4 quater, 4d., 4th. and 4 hours above) will be provided by the Google unit concerned under its own responsibility. As a result, notwithstanding other provisions of these clauses, the data importer disclaims any responsibility for Google`s actions and/or omissions, in particular (without restriction) for Google`s technical and organizational security measures that are listed in Game Plans 1 and 2 solely for informational and unsecured purposes. We offer transparency on how data is used in our advertising products.

We ask users for permission to use data to customize ads and to ensure transparency about how data is used in real time through the “Why this advertising?” feature. We provide detailed explanations of the use of safety.google.com data and our privacy policy. We also provide users with transparency about the data Google stores about them in their Google account, where users can view and manage their data, privacy and security settings. Users can use their ad settings to control the use of data for ad customization and for all ads that Google shows, including our Google Marketing Platform products. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide users with privacy controls, we have updated our account creation to give users more options about the data they want to keep in their account.