This process prevents other developers from duplicating your game or making another version of your game to confront you. If they do it anyway, you have the legal option to stop using it because you have registered it. This article is a summary of what you need to consider regarding intellectual property and legal agreements for your mobile game. All notifications regarding this Mobile Application Development Agreement are sent by the parties concerned by email, person or letter authenticated to the following addresses: Mobile game privacy policy is not very different from other applications. You understand and consent that Tencent can provide the relevant information above to the relevant national authorities when the relevant national authorities require Tencent to assist in the review of your gaming account (including the identity information of the actual name) and game-related data (such as recharging, consumption and transaction data). (2) With regard to the content of the UGC, you agree to authorize, irrevocably, Tencent: use the content of the UGC in one way or another (the above use is not limited to, but is not limited to, broadcasting, renting, execution, sending, editing, modifying, communicating through an information network and other uses , including commercial and non-commercial purposes, inside and outside the game, as well as inside the UGC platform and outside the UGC platform; the aforementioned right of use is called “right to use” and is allowed at Tencent at the same time as “right to use” and to delegate or sublicensing the aforementioned right of use to third parties. They promise that such use by Tencent will not violate any third-right personality and other rights. 4) Negative gaming activities that disrupt the gaming experience of other users. This includes, but is not limited to malicious harm or killing of teammates, malicious team, malicious loss of the game and reduction of game credits, passive shutdown of play, flight, deliberate offer of death on the other side, and other negative activities that disrupt the gaming experience of other users; The parties fully recognized the acceptance and understanding of this agreement.