In Victorian London, a Scotland Yard inspector hunts down the sadistic killer behind a series of gory, Jack the Ripper-Like murders. Wanted for a long time, serial killer Gabriel Engel gets arrested in a spectacular police raid. Small town cop Michael Martens travels to the big city to interrogate him and finds out more then he is looking for. A film adaptation of the novel with the same title Tannöd was released in cinemas in Germany on 19 November 2009, directed by Bettina Oberli, (Wüste-Film West) and starring Julia Jentsch, Monica Bleibtreu and Volker Bruch. Want to share IMDb`s rating on your own site? Use the HTML below. Disney+ is bringing some exciting new movies and series to their catalog of classics! Check out what`s streaming this month. A young boy from a working class family in post-war Germany struggles with his estranged father returning from war captivity, while a friend of his plays for the German National Soccer Team at the 1954 FIFA World Cup in Switzerland. The novel is based on the unsolved murder of an entire family in 1922 on the farmstead Hinterkaifeck, Bavaria. Die Bewohner eines einsam gelegenen Hofes werden erschlagen aufgefunden. Eigenbrötler sollen sie gewesen sein, bauernschlau und geizig. Der Leser wird Zeuge des Verbrechens, das auf einem authentischen Fall beruht, und begleitet jeden Schritt des Mörders, ohne dessen Identität zu kennen. Schließlich entfalten sich die traumatischen Beziehungen innerhalb der Dorfgemeinschaft, die dazu führten, daß einer von ihnen grausam Rache nahm.

In der tiefsten bayerischen Einöde: Eine ganze Familie wird in einer Nacht ausgelöscht, mit der Spitzhacke erschlagen. Jetzt heißt er nur noch Mordhof, der einsam gelegene Hof der Danners in Tannöd und vom Mörder fehlt jede Spur … Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Krimi Preis und dem Friedrich-Glauser-Preis. “Fabelhaft. Ein unglaubliches Buch!” Elke Heidenreich in “Lesen!” A father, drawn by dramatic experiences, retreats with his dog into the mountains and encounters an unknown enemy. Or Thriller movie if you want to call it that. It does not invent anything new, but it does use a successful formula pretty nicely. The concept of keeping things hidden and not letting you know from the get go what is going on (or rather what went on). And the movie does a good job of keeping the viewer interested enough for him/her to get through the movie.

It`s a pretty dark movie tone-wise and the story might be a bit predictable, but if you stay with it, you might find the end result rewarding. I say “might”, because this is not everyones cup of tea so to speak. I kinda liked it, though I think it lost quite a bit of drive in its middle section. Worth a look … . Tannöd is a novel by German author Andrea Maria Schenkel. It was first published in Germany in January 2006 and was adapted for film in 2009. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The life story of 80s Austrian superstar Falco, the man behind the monster hit “Rock me, Amadeus”. The story of Johann “Falco” Hölzel from young kid, the road from a band to his solo career, and to his tragic death.