A first global clean energy project in Teesside has taken a major step forward with the agreement of a new partnership. As part of the agreement, WCP will develop, finance and carry out the project in collaboration with its partners. WCP develops advanced waste energy projects in the UK. “These students have shown that the Fife-Teesside agreement, covered by our new agreement, is an effective way to obtain an engineering degree, save students a year and give them the opportunity to live their studies remotely from home. We hope that this new agreement will benefit Fife graduates who choose to go to the bachelor`s degree. Iain Hawker, Assistant Principal: Quality and Partnership Academics at Fife College, said: “We very much appreciate our partnership with Teesside University and are very pleased to have signed this new articulation agreement that offers our engineering students a fantastic journey if they want to continue their HND studies at the Honorary Diploma with only one year of study at the university. With articulation agreements signed with 10 universities, there are more than two hundred formal avenues for obtaining degrees and partnerships with four other universities. Fife College offers a wide choice to those who leave school or improve their careers and progress in level studies. The waste and water management company has signed an agreement to examine the feasibility of an interception facility with BP, one of the partners who have spoken out in favour of developing a net zero industrial cluster in the teesside production sectors. Teesside International Airport has signed a new contract to operate flights to Amsterdam for at least the next five years. Mayor Ben Houchen said the agreement was a “huge vote of confidence” for the airport and the region. The airport logo will be visible on the back of Boros jerseys for the 2020/201 season, and the sponsorship contract is the latest in a long-standing partnership between Teesside International Airport and Middlesbrough FC. Teesside College and University have signed an admissions agreement that will allow Fife College students/graduates to enter the third and final year of BEng Tech (Hons) Petroleum and Gas Engineering (Top-up) at Middlesbrough University.

Velocys signed the CCUS agreement for its biomass fuel plant in the United States The agreement builds on the previous agreement that gave students the opportunity to enter the third year of BEng Tech (Hons). The agreement gives students the opportunity to obtain an honorary degree through the English system in three years, instead of the traditional four in Scotland. A list of partners with whom we have articulation agreements can be downloaded. Download a list of articulation partners (pdf – 10kb) “This new agreement will further expand student access while providing another exciting step forward for our study of study links. We look forward to continuing to work with Teesside University for the good of our students. “The jersey sponsorship contract is also huge for the airport. Middlesbrough FC is Teesside`s best-known brand and the fact that Teesside Airport is now seen by fans all over the country can only be very helpful.