The treatment of beings originating or destined for the territories whose inhabitants benefit from the provisions of the first paragraph of this article is submitted in Turkey and, conversely, the treatment of beings originating in Turkey or destined for Turkey is regulated in these areas, with the agreement of the French and Turkish authorities. (b) leases and respite agreements for land and houses that have been concluded between individuals. The exchanges of prisoners of war and interned civilians held by Greece and Turkey respectively are the subject of a separate agreement between these powers, signed in Lausanne on 30 January 1923. Subject to any agreement between governments exercising authority in the countries separated from Turkey and the governments of the countries in which these persons are established and Turkish nationals over the age of 18 from a territory separated from Turkey under this Treaty and having their usual residence upon entry into force of this Treaty , they may choose the nationality of the territory abroad of which they have nationality if they belong to the majority of the population of that territory by race and by the approval of the government that exercises the authority exercised there. This right to vote must be exercised within two years of the entry into force of this treaty. This section does not apply to cases between Japan and Turkey which, under this treaty, would fall within the jurisdiction of the Joint Arbitration Tribunal. These cases are resolved by mutual agreement between the two governments. The Ottoman public debt is left outside the scope of this section and the other sections (economic clauses) after general agreement. Complaints based on Articles 65, 66 and 69 must be filed with the relevant authorities within six months and, in the event of non-compliance with the Joint Court of Arbitration, within 12 months of the entry into force of this contract.

States, with the exception of Turkey, whose table osman n. A is included in the table in the appendix of this section, assign to the Commission, within three months from the date on which they notify, in accordance with Article 47, their respective shares in the annual taxes covered by this article, an appropriate guarantee for the payment of their quota. If this guarantee is not affected within the aforementioned time frame or if there is disagreement over the adequacy of the guarantee granted, one of the signatories of this treaty has the power to lodge an appeal before the Council of the League of Nations. It is possible here to strike a balance between the treaties of Lausanne II and the “Nanjing Treaty” that China ceded to Britain after the First Opium War, by signing the Tchenba Agreement, which is to end the first Anglo-Chinese conflict. If, as a result of the establishment of new borders, a rail link between two parts of the same country or a secondary line of one country is located in another country, the working conditions for traffic between the two countries are set in an agreement to be concluded between the railway administrations concerned, subject to specific agreements.