Creditors remove bracketed passages, except in the case of an agreement where at least part of the credit contract is not regulated by law. Agreements for which the total amount payable by the debtor does not exceed the total amount of the credit. In the pre-contract phase, the lender must provide understandable information on the essential characteristics of the credit offered in a timely manner prior to the conclusion of the contract. These include the fact that the Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 amends the 2008/48/EC directive and imposes on the lender, in the pre-contract phase of the consumer credit contract, when the credit contract refers to a reference criterion, the name of this reference criterion and its manager, as well as the possible impact on the consumer. Under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974, you should have received a copy of this agreement at least seven days ago to ask yourself if you would like to continue. If the creditor has not provided you with a copy of this agreement, they can only apply it with a court order. 3. the debtor`s obligation to inform the creditor of his intention to withdraw, in writing or orally (2) In the case of a current account credit for which the credit limit is not known at the time of the contractual agreement, the total amount of credit covered in paragraph 1 is estimated at USD 1,200 or in a case in which credits with a credit limit of less than USD 1,200, which corresponds to an amount equivalent to that limit. fixed-term agreements where the debtor`s repayments under the agreement result in an immediate reduction in the total amount of credits owed, with the exception of the declaration that the lender occasionally sets the credit ceiling under the agreement and that this disclosure is used by the lender for the debtor, a credit granted for various purposes under the contract; or (1) the interest rate applicable in the event of a late payment in effect at the time the contract was executed, a list of the market or proportions in which the amount paid by the debtor, which is not sufficient to settle the total debt owed under the contract, is applied or acquired by the creditor for the performance of the amounts owed – the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (“Law”) sets out certain requirements for your protection that should have been met when obtaining this agreement. If this were not the case, the creditor would not be able to enforce this agreement without a court order.

b) In a case where credits with a maximum credit limit of less than $1,200, the credit limit is considered to be equal to that limit. 1. The total amount payable by the debtor is the sum of the total amount of credit and total tax for the credits payable under the contract, as well as any advances. in a case that is not covered by points (a), (b) or (c), either a statement indicating how the credit limit is set and the lender sends the debtor the message of dissemination on the subject, or a statement indicating that there is no credit limit. (5) the obligation to repay the credit without delay and, no later than 30 calendar days after notification of the revocation (2) mention of another right to terminate the credit contract, either by law or by any other means, with, if applicable, details.