The district attorney may offer the person a “transaction contract.” This is NOT a commitment, but an agreement for voluntary treatment. Under Chapter 51 Emergency, a judge may place a person either on a transaction contract or on a decision of engagement in the course of the court proceedings. A representative of the Human Services Division is responsible for monitoring a person for the duration of their billing or order of engagement to ensure that they are complying with treatment recommendations and providing support and resources. Transaction Agreements – In the districts of Forest, Oneida and Vilas, many civil obligation cases are resolved through negotiations and comparisons between the parties involved, lawyers, the person undergoing the proceedings, processing staff and family members. In many cases, an outpatient treatment plan is developed and presented to the court at the probable cause hearing. This plan may include participation in outpatient therapy, medication, day services, half-house accommodation or other appropriate treatment. A probable cause of the hearing. If a probable cause is found, the next possible steps include a transaction agreement, an order of engagement or a final hearing. The difficulty of concentrating, remembering or making decisions will vary and will depend on the needs and general mental state of the person being committed. A person may be detained in a safe treatment centre and gradually transferred to less restrictive hospital environments when his or her condition improves. In other cases, only a few weeks of hospitalization are required during the six-month engagement. For the remainder of the six-month period, the person is monitored by a case manager at the Human Service Centre to ensure that they follow their treatment plan. When the “slide up,” they can be brought back to a psychiatric hospital or licensed psychiatric unit, stabilized and released in a few days.

In some cases, the commitment is extended by one year at the end of the six months. If granted, the Human Service Board`s supervision continues for an additional year and an additional extension may be granted on that date.