“They have weekly meetings where they design the programming. They say, “In the future, we would like to have mental health workshops, we want therapy dogs to come, we want to help with homework.” It`s a whole different kind of treatment, it comes from that youthful perspective,” she explains. How long: Young people can stay in the program until the age of 21 if necessary. After 21 years, housing assistance and support from the YSIL worker came to an end. Most adolescents move to adult psychiatric care at the age of 19. The success of this program depends on mutual respect and trust between the workforce and the client. Many of the young people we work with have been abandoned by people in their young lives. It is not always easy for him to trust someone. The experts discussed the separation of reflection services for youth and adults and spoke of a need for continuity in the area of services. Many chose to continue working with youth over the age of 19, when this was not part of their mission and they could not provide the level of service they were used to. The Young Adult Agreements (AYA) program is only for former Youth Custody Order (Youth Agreement).

It provides you with financial support to finish high school, go to university or university, take a rehabilitation program, or take a lifelong skills program. CB25 has made and made a real difference for vulnerable youth. It provides essential support so that they have the opportunity to cross the “obstacle course” and connect and engage with young adults. In 2014, the program received the Eva`s Initiatives National Award of Excellence in Toronto (www.evas.ca) for its work to prevent youth homelessness. The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be long and difficult. The way young people are in transition has a long-term and far-reaching impact. A large percentage of youth are able to rely on the family for financial assistance, a place to live and support into adulthood. They can take solace in the knowledge that they have a social safety net. Before a youth is admitted to the program, Fraser Health`s Occupational Therapist (OT) conducts a professional and skills assessment to determine if the youth is willing to live independently with the help. This evaluation focuses on the strengths of the young person and the areas that require special attention. As part of the CB25 pilot project (January 2012 to December 2013), 121 youth received the help of a navigator. These were young people who were being referred by existing communal services or young people who had already aged and were seeking help.

Among the most important outcomes for young people, if you are a child or a youth and you want to talk to someone, call the helpline for children under 310-1234. The `pause` on AYA time ends on 30 September 2020 and the age limit (27) is back in effect. This means that from September 30, 2020, your AYA will be charged on your 48 months in total and that young people will only be able to be on an AYA until their 27th birthday. Since its inception, our YSIL program has helped more than 25 young people. I have seen several young people in the YSIL program finish high school and/or university, get a job, build positive, long-term relationships and even be completely out of mental health care. The YSIL support gives young people with mental illness a chance to succeed. It brings stability to a time of great change and uncertainty and gives them the tools they need to move forward in their lives.